To maintain the imperialist myth Of the white man’s burden We built heroic likenesses Placed them on marble plinths To look out over their domain A constant reminder of the past They serve another purpose These statues of the great Of those who created empire Built on world domination Under the yolk of colonisation From…Read more »

It Needs a Woman

If you want to beat the virus If you want to save your life Ignore testerone driven men Just put in charge a wife In fact not just a wife Any woman will suffice Forget the men Abandon them Let them play their games It’s women and their intelligence That’ll save us in the end


There is a statue standing In the centre of our town It is a man from long go On who we now do frown His glory and his wealth Earned not by the sweat of his brow But by the transportation Of stolen people to the fields The fields of imperialist colonies Many centuries ago…Read more »