Live Your Life

Keep quiet, stay silent Hold hands and smile Stare into her eyes Beautiful everlasting love A feeling you cannot disguise Looking to the future Days, weeks, months and years Will pass oh so quickly There will be happiness There will be tears So go live your life With love and no fear And then you…Read more »

The Continuing Battle

The battle continues Deep within my brain A conflict to remember β€œWhat is your name” It used to be familiar The one I loved the most This disease they call dementia My mind is now its host It brings on such confusion Such anger and frustration Why can’t I remember Why is there such emotions…Read more »


What secrets are revealed As the gentle mist does rise A calm sea, a safe harbour Beneath clear blue skies What secrets are revealed As the gentle wind does blow A safe passage across the oceans To destinations yet unknown What secrets are revealed As time gently slips by The past consigned to history The…Read more »

Dream On

Do you wake in the morning Still feeling tired and low Does it feel as if your get Just simply refuses to go Perhaps not enough sleep Perhaps not enough time The only solution is – Stay where you are Hug tight to your pillow And dream of the stars