Even in the darkest of nights Pinpricks from the past Bring to all of us a light As stars shine through From millenniums past Stars a long time extinct Travelling at the speed of light Echoes moving across the void Bringing mystery and joy

Yorkshire Bred

You travel across the moors From Dracula’s Whitby to York The scenery of North Yorkshire Fair takes your breath away The beauty and the starkness Invites you ” come please stay” They say it’s not gods own country At least by those who from here don’t come The Yorkshire folk see it differently “Gods”?  “Not…Read more »


Where the wild flowers grew In a meadow all self sown Now stand lines of vehicles Row after row after row  A once beautiful field of nature  Destroyed by hand of man Covered in Tarmac and concrete They simply don’t understand That when mankind is over Nature will once again return Preference is sooner than…Read more »