To Late

They walked with  A sombre countenance Taking small and Careful steps Carrying their friend Side by side Across their shoulders  He did lie The pews were full Of family and friends Sat together Grieving at his end They now reflect On what they Wanted to say Before he was So cruelly  Taken away They looked…Read more »


I used to think redundancy Was something against which to fight Protecting someone’s livelihood It simply has to be so right But there’s one thing that I would wish And which I’m certain – sure Of all the things I’d like to see It’s the redundancy of war

Says It AllΒ 

The Picture Says it All They do say that a picture is worth a thousand words well I have written on a number of occasions about not only the way the Theresa May UK Government has treated and subjected our own people to the cruelty of an unnecessary austerity, the absolute shambles they are making…Read more »