Yes, Yes and Yes

Has my life been a waste My time on earth a disgrace Will many cheer than will be sad When I’m finally dead and gone Will the brood I leave behind Be reviled for being mine Will their selfishness and greed Continue my corrupt and earthly deeds Will the joy of my last gasp Be…Read more »


I’ve seen and heard You lie, and lie, and lie So often now – I’ve become immune As you play your same – Old tune The trouble now – As you will see Is that I don’t believe You know the truth And when I look into- Your eyes All that I see is –…Read more »


They built a wall to keep the hordes out The greatest wall there is no doubt The enemy invaded and China fell The wall it failed as history tells Romans came and built a wall Across the green and pleasant land A wall against the clans would stand The empire would be protected A view…Read more »