Olympian Life

Everyone’s a champion They’ve won this thing –  Called life It’s better than a gold medal  Hung around their neck Everyone’s an Olympian Working hard just to survive To win and keep on winning Holding on to life the prize


I learned at an early age That when betrayal is discovered  Trust can never be recovered  Forgive and forget is a fantasy Devoid of the human reality That those who betray a sacred trust Don’t deserve a second chance For those who do offend Can never return as friends  For the chances really are That…Read more »

Take Time

Take time to stop and listen  To the birds starting to sing As the seasons start to change Bringing new life in spring Primroses bursting forth Ferns beginning to unfurl Hedgerows of emerald green Buds opening up anew Bluebells bobbing in the breeze Take time to stop and listen Take pleasure in the sounds Of…Read more »


You have to start somewhere So why not start here You have to start sometime So why not start now You have to decided sometime What your aims will be So why not start your journey To the realisation of your dreams