Deep Love

There’s nothing I can do There’s nothing I can say There’s nothing I can change About the way that I feel When you came into my life So many decades ago A temporary feeling Based on lust we both know But here we still are As we discovered together Our deep love replaced lust As…Read more »


I’m the thing that makes you human I’m the conscience in your head If you don’t care for others Then you are emotionally dead The writing is on the board Thoughts generated in your mind It’s something that’s inside you A conscience to be kind To see which way the wind is blowing Before the…Read more »

Dream Your Dreams

A quiet place is hard to find But there is a special place Inside each one of us It’s that private place inside you The one inside your mind So savour and protect it This place of quiet repose It’s yours and yours alone Private in its seclusion Where you can dream your dreams