You Can

If people tell you that you can’t  Be certain That they are wrong You can If they say that you can’t win Be strong, move on Be certain that You can If doubters say it’s not for you Take a breath Just believe You can When others say that you will fail On you efforts…Read more »


It doesn’t matter  How you look  Or how you do appear It only matters That you’re there And that you really care It doesn’t matter  How you look It only really matters That you treat Others with respect It doesn’t matter How you look Or what others may think It only really matters You care…Read more »

Love and Support

My life is quite fantastic  The reason I’m aware Is not because it’s magic But because I learned to share Family, friends and colleagues Throughout my magical life Have nurtured and supported me Gave me confidence to believe That whatever happens To go out and to achieve Their support was always welcome It was never…Read more »


I’ve never been a jealous type I never felt the need Jealously leads to stress I’ve never had the time One of six children As a child I learned to share Being a jealous type Would have got in the way Of dreams I couldn’t share I dreamed of walking on the moon I dreamed…Read more »