Fantasy Love

We enter a special bubble When we fall in love There is no reason There is no rhyme Why we feel this way We’re in love all of the time A love that eradicates the past It is for always and forever  Our true love it will last There’ll never be trouble For in our…Read more »


There are some scars That are not revealed They’re hidden deep – Inside You may forgive You cannot forget The hurt permanently resides Words that leave no scars Words of cruelty That cut right to the soul Where others cannot see Wounds that forever hurt From shame you want to hide The sense of guilt…Read more »


COLDBACKIE I want the sea I want to be the sea Going to Australia Everywhere I want to be the shore Looking at the sea Playing with the sea I want to be the shore The Coldbackie shore NB I would love to know who wrote this I saw it on a poster at  Coldblackie.