I watch as the butterfly Shakes off the morning dew In the rays of the warming sun As dawn breaks on a day begun The birdsong chorus quiet at first Into a cacophony of sound it bursts The night breeze gentle and cool Warmed by the fresh sun wind On which the butterfly rises To…Read more »


It is a love that’s unconditional That fills me full of great joy It’s a love that is so wonderful No selfishness on display Beautiful eyes shining bright A constant look of delight A lesson of love and of life That goes on and on all day The excitement of coming home After even a…Read more »

Old Age is a Blessing

Old Age is a Blessing The brilliant and greatly missed Terry Pratchett whose fantastic imagination created Mort and my favourite character in his Disc World books ‘DEATH’ always introduced himself as “Not wanting to get a life because he already was living three”. Perhaps it was his imagination or shear enjoyment and exuberance for life…Read more »

How Very Middle Class

Vegetarian pizza and Prosecco How middle class can you be I’d be ashamed and embarrassed Letting my working class roots down But not in the least Mainly because I’m pissed So here’s to the sunshine May it long reign And to our retirement May it long remain

Diet Experts Abound

OK it’s June and the weather here in Ipplepen and across the South West is – well – after a bloody awful May alternating between being wet and cold and in most case both wet and cold the weather is now great. But then again when is the weather never great? The good news however…Read more »

Man of Excess

His pursuit of power His driving desire Coming from privilege From his ivory tower He’s lied and he’s lied Kept his eye on the prize He’ll sacrifice all To avoid his own fall He’ll let many more die Build the bodies on high No conscience or dread At the number of dead He’ll dance on…Read more »

Needle of Bliss

The pain subsides The needle slips in Oh the sweet relief From life’s hell begins I float easily free From this existence My dreams abound In doped delirium Then visitors come Sneaking into my mind The unonscious dreams Many of them benign Then follows the demons The tremors and pain Alone, going out of my…Read more »