Old Age is a Blessing

Old Age is a Blessing

The brilliant and greatly missed Terry Pratchett whose fantastic imagination created Mort and my favourite character in his Disc World books ‘DEATH’ always introduced himself as “Not wanting to get a life because he already was living three”.

Perhaps it was his imagination or shear enjoyment and exuberance for life that makes his books so humorous.

So growing old …. and facing the inevitably of an impending end to it all… has in many advantages, especially when compared against the option of not growing old.

I suppose the greatest advantage of growing old and not meeting DEATH is the very simple fact that you aren’t dead yet and can draw on the years of knowledge and maturity to make greater use of the time you have left on this planet.

And if there is one thing old age brings it is the ability to think independently, say what you think and in doing so not giving a flying fig what others think of you.

The only stress you should really be experiencing as you get older is trying to remember what day it is and especially if the day is the one when you have the grand children to look after.

And even when you make a mistake, (of which there are plenty) you have the experience to be able to pass it off as an ‘age thing’ – after all Old Gimmers and Gimmeresses are very forgetful.

Except that is when utilising their age to get special treatment and access to resources like priorities at airports and queue jumping.

Oh the joy of being a Senior Citizen (whatever happened to Old Age Pensioners).

One of the other benefits is that with age comes the wisdom of knowing you simply don’t have anything to lose so don’t have to take crap from anyone and that includes the Government so when they order you to do this, that or the other you can make your own decisions and decide your own priorities.

So there you have it old age is a blessing not a curse.

So when you look at the wrinkles that are appearing when looking in a mirror just make sure they are turning upwards at the end and not downwards.

Smile and and as you age make as many happy lines as you can