How Dangerous is the Truth?

Here in the United Kingdom we have a Government who arguably are the most corrupt and untruthful in the whole history of this nation.

How else could you define a Government led by a Prime Minister who constantly and consistently lies as easily, in fact perhaps since he contracted the Covid virus, even more easily than he breathes.

A Prime Minster who with the unconditional support of his Ministers (who incidentally have taken their interpretation of the truth from their leader) have taken full advantage of the Covid crisis to line their own and their friends pockets with billions of pounds of tax payers money whilst ignoring the fact that over 130,000 people have unnecessarily died due to their callous indifference and incompetence.

Is there any wonder the Scottish National Party (SNP) did so well in the Scottish Parliament elections and why they are so determined to break away from the yoke that is the Westminster Parliament.

If your future was being determined by a man and his friends who will sacrifice everything and everybody to further their own self-interest wouldn’t you want to escape from their control.

The Conservatives will tell themselves – and incidentally anyone else who is listening and in fact also those who aren’t – that because they are getting away with it they are unassailable so as far as they are concerned everything must be OK.

And be in no doubt they are getting away with it.

The truth is of course – and by that I mean the truth as provided by the evidence that is in the public domain though his friends in the main stream media prefer to ignore it – is that the United Kingdom Prime Minister lies to his Ministers, he lied to his wives, he lied to his children, he lied to his partner/s, he lies to his friends, he lies to the public, he lies to the media and in all probability given his reputation even lies to himself all to satisfy his hunger for power.

It is almost as if like alcohol is to an alcoholic, or cocaine is to a drug addict, Alexander Johnson MP is addicted to lying.

Is it genetic, has it been handed down through the genes from father to son?

Or is it that he has formulated and adopted his persona to satisfy and satiate his desires both carnal and political.

Or is it that he has adopted his persona to hide something even more dangerous, an addiction to power over people that may well lead to and explain his callous attitude towards the most vulnerable in society.

After all as the Swiss psychiatrist Karl Jung said..

“A lie would make no sense, unless the truth were felt to be dangerous”.

Given the ease at which and number of lies our Prime Minister and his Ministers have told and continues to tell the truth must be very dangerous indeed.