It Couldn’t Happen to Anyone

It could happen to anyone?

Is one of those worn out phrases that people trot out especially on two very specific occasions,

1. When they have been caught out

2. When they are about to be publicly embarrassed.

Well I have news for people – It ‘couldn’t happen to anyone’ because if it could it ‘could happen to everyone’.

Where it ‘might’ happen to anyone is where the anyone is on the internet (or tinternet as they say up North) or social media platforms.

This year I suspect the instances of ‘it could happen to anyone’ has increase dramatically due to Covid 19.

As people have been sat at home idling their time away on the internet I wonder how many have suddenly made new social media friends and having found they have so much in common exchanged emails demonstrating their increase closeness.

Then what?

After months of lockdown isolation and exchanging personal details, dreams, thoughts and correspondence – some of which is of dubious content or even erotic – I wonder how many have discovered the nubile 22 year old redhead from Dumbarton is actually a 72 year old bloated pensioner in Evesham.

That’s the problem with the virtual world you can expose yourself in all of your naked glory whilst sat at the keyboard sharing and sending your deepest innermost thoughts into the ether to circulate there forever by the simple act of tapping ‘enter’.

Normal rules of conduct, restraint, good manners and decorum do not apply in the lawless place we call cyberspace.

An unthinking careless ‘Like’, or ‘Share’ of an internet social media message that is racist, sexist, misogynistic, or any other such thing will come back to bite you in the rear at some time in the future and even more so if you have ambitions to advance through the political system.

Yes you may inadvertently stumble across and open a site that you didn’t intend to open but keeping it open is your choice.

An example would be the song Everlasting Love by the group Love Affair.

If you type in ‘lyrics to the song Everlasting Love by the group…’, then the lyrics will come up.

Type in Everlasting Love and the chances are you will get a completely different site.

The increased time people have had this year to spend on the internet has also highlighted the number of conspiracy theorists who inhabit cyberspace from downright nut jobs to the FORMER President of the United States.


Who would be surprised if there was even an internet inter-web website for modern day anti social-media technology Luddites?

It is our choice to leave the real world of 3D and enter the two dimensional screen world of the internet and there is a lot out there to avoid if you don’t want to find yourself using the ‘it could happen to anyone’ excuse.

Stray inadvertently to the wrong site and you could find yourself nipple penis deep in a world of pornography where the word flexibility has a completely different meaning to the one it usually refers to.

Technology and science is all well and good and let face it any vaccine to prevent and cure Covid 19 has and will be designed and developed by scientists and technologists.

But science and technology along with providing us with the largest library ever known, the ability to translate every language on the planet into one of our choosing has also provided us with less virtuous content.

Which is why those who haven’t embraced the microchip driven technology may well be on to something because they will be able to sit back and say,

It could happen to someone

It could happen to anyone

BUT It couldn’t happen to me.