Silencing Criticism -And It’s Working

It has come to something in the United Kingdom when any criticism of the actions of the Israeli State and especially its policy toward the people of Palestine is immediately tagged as being anti-Semitic whilst criticism of the actions of the Palestine Government is not immediately tagged as being anti-Islam.

Working on that principle why isn’t it that anyone who was during the 1970’s vehemently opposed to the Irish Republican Army not immediately classed as being anti-Irish.

Now I have openly made it very clear that was and will continue to be absolutely opposed to Donald Trump and his cohort but does that make me anti-American, if so then I’m also anti-English because my opinion of Boris Johnston and his cabal is just as firm.

So let’s get this straight as far as I am concerned, Anti-Zionism is not anti-semitism, or anti-Jewishness. But the deliberate confusion of the terms allows the Israeli state and its supporters to carry out huge crimes including crimes against humanity with impunity.

The cynical and deliberate confusion is also being used as a smear tactic to undermine critical politicians and protest groups in Western states and no more so than in the United Kingdom where any criticism of the Israel Government or support for Palestine is immediately pounced upon and a virtual tag place on your coat labelling you anti-Semitic.

We have seen a rash of people being accused and smeared as being “anti-semitic” such the US Congresswoman Ilan Omar and closer to home Jeremy Corbyn.

It seems their main crime is to criticise the Israeli Government and Israeli lobbyists both inside and outside Government (and in the case of Jeremy Corbyn from Israeli supporters within his own Parliamentary Labour Party) for the undue financial influence the Israeli supporters wield in the corridors of power.

Those who have and continue to make accusations of anti-semitism without I might add producing a shred of evidence to support their claims, against Jeremy Corbyn have one and only one simplistic attitude…

Pro- Israeli no matter what their actions = Good

Anti- Israeli actions to sanction state murder and dispossess Palestinians of land by continuing to bulldoze their homes illegally and using lethal force against unarmed civilians = Anti-Semite.

In UK Labour the penalty for arguing and criticising the Israeli state is to be suspended and/or banned from being a party member which is why so many – including me – have decided to leave.

It is now a source of incredulity to me that we are now seeing those such as Margaret Hodge MP who led the criticism of Jeremy Corbyn which encouraged those who were like minded to abuse him in the main stream media and on social media platforms now being deeply upset and complaining that they are now receiving the same treatment that he endured.

But of course she and her supporters would say this shows just how entrenched anti-semitism is in the United Kingdom which is always the ‘get out of jail’ card used to explain away their own behaviour.

The reality is the UK Government almost invariably and in many respects routinely remain silent when crimes perpetrated by the Israelis State come to light.

A silence that is never observed when the same crimes are committed by other states and nations across the world.

Anti -Zionism is a very specific term which is applied not to the Jewish faith or Jewish people but to opposition to the political ideology of human rights violations committed by the Israeli State against the indigenous Palestinian People.

Making a stand against the crimes committed by the Israeli State is not being anti-Semitic.

I hold the same attitude against Palestine State when it commits crimes against the Israelis people – Does that make me anti-Muslim?

Across the globe we see sensible, reasonable and intelligent Jewish people also criticising the Israeli State policies.

Does that make them ‘Bad anti -Semitic Jews’?

It hasn’t gone unnoticed that those MP’s within the UK Labour movement have been very careful not to reveal who has funded them when they claimed that the Labour Party is institutionally anti-Semitic.

So here is the million pound question..

It seems strange to me that the very people and MP’s who claimed and submitted complaints of being subjected to anti-semitism from party members whist Jeremy Corbyn was the democratically elected leader have now stopped submitting complaints even though the membership of the party has not miraculously changed overnight.

So I have drawn the conclusion that they have stopped for a number of reasons,

1. That they have achieved their dual aim of removing Jeremy Corbyn not only as the leader but also as a Labour MP and in doing so prevented there being a socialist Government.

2. That all of the people who claimed they faced anti-semitism were making it up.

3. That somehow all of the alleged anti-Semitic Labour Party MP’s and party members have suddenly seen the light and will never again criticise anything the Israeli State does.

So where does that leave us?

Well the simple answer I suppose is that depending on where you stand you are either in the school of being an ‘anti-Semite ’ or an ‘anti-Zionist’.

So what do you do?

If you come out in public as an unapologetic supporter of the policies of the Israeli State you are likely to face abuse from those who consider themselves to be anti-Zionists.

And they justify the abuse by deliberately and intentionally conflating ‘anti-Zionism’ with being ‘anti-Jewish’.

It does seem that which ever side of the argument you sit comes down to a basic case of each side trying to intimidate the other into being silent.

And it’s working.