Covid 19 Lockdown 3 or is it 4 – What’s the Problem

Covid 19 Lockdown 3 or is it 4 – What’s the Problem

One advantage of having served over 23 years in the Royal Navy is like all other ex-armed service personnel I’m in a far better position than those who haven’t served when it comes to coping with the fallout resulting from the Covid 19 crisis.

Watching people bulk buying toilet paper is amusing to an ex-service person – because of course AS EVERYBODY KNOWS – it is the perfect and essential necessity in dealing with a lung attacking virus.

What do the toilet roll hoarders expect will happen if they run out of toilet paper?

Perhaps their central nervous system will suddenly go into an emergency lockdown and prevent them from having a bowel movement?

Of course service personnel will laugh and simply say “ran out of toilet paper?” so improvise you muppets and lets face it the vast majority of the main stream media newspapers in the UK could only be improved by using them to wipe your backside.

But what about having to live by eating so much tinned food, how an earth will they manage without their fresh avocado and oysters?

All I can say is talk to those who have lived on 24 hour Ration Packs, copious amounts of tinned produce and even the more adventurous powdered milk and powdered potato whilst at sea and see what the response will be.

I suspect it will be along the lines of rose tinted nostalgia.

Thousands – including politicians – are starting to bleat about being told what we can and can’t do and worse still we are being ordered – not asked, not requested, – ORDERED – not to go above a certain group size.

Stop bleating and grow up you moronic ingrates –

Perhaps the thing ex-service personnel find most amusing is watching others panic at the slightest change in circumstances around Covid 19.

In fact in England we seem to have been in a constant state of panic

-especially in Westminster- since March.

So what is causing this mass hysteria?

Well to start with it is the lack of ability of the vast majority of the population to be flexible and adapt to what is the constant information and instructions from Government that is admittedly changing on a daily basis and is also well out of date by the time we receive it.

Welcome to the Royal Navy and U.K. Military structure folks.

There is a reason armed services personnel are considered to be in a perpetually state of wonder.

They wonder what day or even hour it is, wonder what is going to happen next, wonder what and when the change to the latest order is going happen so there is no wonder “Obey the last order” is always the safest path.

That’s all well and good say the people but what about the social distancing rules, how dare they tell us where we should stand or how many can enter an establishment.

Well to start with what is the problem?

Service personnel are constantly being told what to do -or at least what they are now allowed to do – in their free time, when and where to queue for food and which bars/pubs are off limits.

As for having your holidays or weekends buggered up just don’t get me started.

Spare a thought for the submariners who spend months submerged enclosed in a confined space without seeing the sky, or hearing a bird sing, or breathing in fresh non-recycled air.

And yes service personnel volunteer to be in the services but also spare a thought that they when required to do so will also step into the front line to help the brilliant people on the front line of health care.

Finally when you hear people crying that they haven’t/can’t go out and have a skinny creosote double moka with a triple shot latte (or whatever the latest fad in coffee is) then may I politely suggest you tell them where to go.

Perhaps the local recruitment office would be a start, then they would have the joy and experience enjoyed by our armed service personnel and understand what living under a permanent curfew, restricted travel and social opportunities really mean.

Right I’m off to enjoy the peace of Lockdown 3, or 4 or whatever level we are now at.

Happy and Healthy New Year