2020 – Not Such A Bad Year

What with Covid 19 dominating the health of the nation and the political landscape we shouldn’t forget that as the autumn draws into winter we are also entering the cold/flu season.

Hence the increase sales in Night Nurse which whilst apparently (I’m no chemist) a very effective treatment for colds and flu is also a bloody excellent aperitif according to those who like a drink or three or four or more.

Of course this winter the British public, as it appears are the rest of the world, is nonplussed and totally bemused by the events taking place in the United States of America.

The scandal of Monica Lewinsky giving President Bill Clinton a blow job in the Oval Office is now mild stuff compared with the goings-on in the Trump administration and family.

It is difficult to imagine or even remember any past President of the United States being such a sore loser but then again he was such a poor and ungracious winner in 2016 that his attitude to losing was only to be expected.

There now appears to be little doubt (if there was any before) that in the land of the brave and home of the free, few, if any, men or/and family has besmirched and embarrassed the Office of President of the United States as completely as the current and soon to be departed incumbent/s

Is there any doubt that the boys and girls of the criminal departments both in the United States and other Countries will be forensically examining the Trump business and personal financial arrangements very carefully indeed.

Watch this space for the prosecutions I suppose will be the watchword for 2021.

The American people themselves must be totally beside themselves after the last four years of scandals and lies, never knowing from one moment to the next (apart from the Presidents self-interest) what his aims and intentions were.

On the positive side the man who has for the past four years had his finger on the “My Red Button is Bigger than Yours” at least didn’t press it.

We may have seen the end of the West v USSR First Cold War and even now may be seeing the end of the USA Trade War v China but with the human race still having the capability of total annihilation a President who understands the meaning of the word diplomacy will at the very least be helpful.

The election of Joe Biden won’t of course be universally applauded by everyone even if they express a different view.

In the United Kingdom the current Prime Minister (I say current because our political class seem to change them on a whim) likes to talk of the ‘Special Relationship’ (usually in Latin to show that he went to Eton).

He certainly had a special relationship with Donald Trump who with his team considered our Prime Minister as a mini-me Trump in Downing Street.

Not surprising really when you look at how they share not only their privileged upbringing but also their attitude to women, race, religion and in fact anything that doesn’t fall within their own narrow view of the world.

We can only imagine the disappointment Boris Johnston must be feeling having lost his political lover only to see him replaced by someone who he has previously insulted.

I suspect Mr Johnston would even see a very small and chaste political peck on his cheek as something to be grateful for as he scrabbles around trying to find new trade deals in January once the UK has finally left the European Union.

How galling will it be that the USA is quite likely now to embark on a more “meaningful special relationship” with European Countries rather than the UK.

I suppose Boris will have to get down on his knees and perform what will amount to political fellatio if he wants the much lauded great trade deal with the USA now.

Still all in all it will at least mean no chlorinated chicken.

So perhaps in the year of Covid 19 there has been good news after all.