Take a Step Back

Isn’t it amazing just how many people continue to do things that they are patently not equipped to do instead of concentrating on the things they are good at?

Throughout my life I have met and worked with people who are always on the go to the extent that they either do or at least attempt to do too much and when looked at are doing too much of the wrong things.

But at least their days are busy – and full.

The question is busy doing what?

I’ve always wondered if those who claim to be absolutely swamped with work are really simply trying to fill their time to hide their weaknesses and being busy is an excuse they use to then justify not being very good at something.

Perhaps people should take a step back and really look at what they are doing, what they are accomplishing and whether it is of any value.

Perhaps they should take the time to decide what it is they can do and more importantly recognise what it is they can’t do.