People who do too much very rarely, in fact I would go as far as to say if ever, overlook or ignore anything.

Or at least that is what they will tell you.

They are the kind of people who are self-proclaimed leaders and also claim that they are superior human beings with a high sense of not only self-awareness but also an awareness of others needs..

These super beings (as they see themselves) are hyper-vigilant in a constant state of increased alertness and sensitive to what is going on around them.

They are also alert to any and all hidden dangers especially when and where it affects people.

And because they are aware and prepared to do so much they are willing to take on anything in the full knowledge that they not only have the solution but are the solution.

Their lives are full to overflowing with calendars and diaries bursting at the seams with places they have to be, people they have to meet and problems they need to solve.

They overlook nothing and if they happen to be politicians it is absolutely essential that they don’t.

Poverty, children going without food, homelessness, unemployment, sickness, the National Health Service in crisis, Covid 19, rising crime, the environment and a plethora of other issues are not a problem to the super beings.

William James who many consider to be the father of psychology in the United States of America once side that,

‘The art of being wise is knowing what to overlook’

Which means that when you look at all of the major issue that the current Westminster Government are intentionally and knowingly choosing to overlook -or ignore – then such as Alexander Johnston and Michael Gove – not noted as two of the doyens of honesty – must be amongst the wisest people who have ever lived.

Having said that wisdom comes when people learn to focus and allow all of the extraneous distractions to dissipate and disappear.

Perhaps that is the true reason Cummings and Cain have been shown the door in Downing Street, or perhaps they are just the fall guys for the systemic incompetence that remains entrenched in the Johnston Government,

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