London – December Trip – Day 2

London – December Trip – Day 2

So Lewisham at 0600 hours and the sound of a city waking up came as a bit of a shock to someone who lives in Ipplepen where the nosiest thing you hear in the morning is a neighbour setting off to look after her horses and occasionally the clip-clop sound of a horse going by.

Trains pulling in and out of Lewisham Station isn’t too bad but what staggered me is the number of buses on the road.

I know there is the old joke about waiting ages for one bus then two come along at once but it doesn’t apply in London where the buses travel in convoy.

I presume its a safety thing and they form a circle if attacked by a horde of black cabs which incidentally there doesn’t appear to be as many as usual.

I smiled at seeing the workforce arriving to an adjacent site where they are building two new high rise blocks because whatever the technological and modern building advances nothing – and I mean nothing it seems short of a nuclear apocalypse and even then I wouldn’t be sure – comes between the workforce’s first cup of tea of the day.

Which got me thinking… who was the first person to think that taking and drying leaves the of a plant and then pouring boiling water on the dried leaves before drinking it was even a good idea?

And why tea?

How many others did they try before they got it right?

And what about coffee?

So it was up and at them this morning for a day in Greenwich and to start with breakfast which under Covid 19 rules in London is an interesting experience.

First of all you have to book a table which thankfully due to modern technology and perhaps having a daughter who knows how to use it is even more useful, so after eggs Benedict and avocado it was time to walk up to the Greenwich Observatory.

Now for those around the world who follow me for some reason known only to themselves the Observatory is where the zero line of longitude is and from which the universal time a round the globe is calculated.

In other words it is the point from which all lunch-times are calculated.

So if it is 1pm where you are whilst reading this -You’re Welcome enjoy your lunch.

The number of people and families out and about in Greenwich Market and Greenwich Park was a lot more than I expected and almost everyone was complying with the face mask protocols, which, is definitely not what I was led to expect from listening to the main stream media when referring to London.

It is also the place from which one of the best views of the London skyline can be seen.

Fair play to everywhere we went the number of sanitation points available and which you are encouraged to use (and people were using them) is impressive as was the fact that in the vast majority of places we went into our temperature was taken.

And before you ask no it wasn’t via a rectal thermometer.

Now here’s the thing Covid 19 has really highlighted and that is the speed at which we have suddenly arrived at becoming a ticketless and cashless society.

Tickets for venues such as the National Maritime Museum (which incidentally is free but you have to have a ticket) have to be downloaded on to your phone to be scanned at the entrance.

One downside was that (and I expect I’ll be criticised for saying this) I’ve had to download the Serco Trace App whilst in the city because they ask you to scan in everywhere you go.

I suppose it’s fair enough I just wish they would stop calling it the NHS App when it is really operated by a private company run by friends of the Government and paid for by the taxpayer.

I won’t bore you with details of our visit around the Cutty Sark or the National Maritime Museum only to say they are both well worth visiting if you have four hours to spare.

What I will say is that even though I knew Nelson (who is still a hero of mine in-spite of the recent attempts to smear him as part of the rewriting/updating of history) was a bit – well actually a real -short arse it is only when you see the coat he was wearing when he was shot do that you realise just how diminutive he was.

Rachel and I (or should that be me and Rachel) have arrived at the conclusion that Nelson was apart from being a master tactician and charismatic leader also a man who suffered from ‘very angry small man syndrome’ who just wanted to fight everyone.

Apart from Lady Hamilton that is for who he had a different approach in subduing and wooing.

So the conclusions drawn from Day 2 are –

My whereabouts can now be traced by an App other than Google Maps,

There is no longer any reason to carry real money,

We’ll still have and hang on to our National Heroes,

That there will still be those who believe that somewhere in the depths of the nations soul and psyche the British Bulldog attitude still exists as illustrated by the HMS Bulldog figurehead on whose collar in Latin (ffs) is written Beware of the Dog 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

And finally whatever the future of the UK is after 1 January 2021 post Brexit we will still continue to be the arbiters of the time of sunrise, sunset and lunch-time across the world.