London – December Trip – Day 1

London – December Trip – Day 1

Embarked on a trip not clearly of a lifetime but which according to the main stream media one that will most probably be the end of my lifetime on this planet.

Just as well then that I decided long ago that what is broadcast or written by the MSM should be taken with a very large pinch of salt and generally speaking given a damn good ignoring

The trip started in Newton Abbot where the first task was to negotiate my way past the ticket monitoring barrier using the modern day technological miracle they call the E-ticket.

Now I fully admit I’m a bit of a sucker when it comes to technology, having the latest GARMIN cycle device that not only tells you how far you’ve gone but also how high, how low, how fast, how slow and even gives you a map to guide you home, I have a gym mobile app hat records exactly how my heart rate is reacting to exercise and how many calories I’ve burned off.

Add that to IPads, Mobiles etc etc and my world is now controlled it seems by technology.

So you must be thinking what was the problem of negotiating the ticket barrier?

Just show your e-ticket to the image glass and off you go, except of course the image of the ticket kept moving from portrait to landscape when I tried to present it to the image glass.

Now I know there is a way of ‘locking’ the image in portrait and after watching countless ‘you must be an idiot’ idiots guides to how it’s achieved YouTube videos it is now done, but yesterday it wasn’t so in the end (much to the amusement of two station employees) I worked out that if I was quick enough in flipping my phone over it would register and let me through.

I should at this point say that the GWR train from Newton Abbot in sleepy Devon to the hustle and bustle of Paddington Station in London was excellent and everyone on the train complied with the face mask regulations and kept them on unless they were eating or drinking.

Arriving in Paddington I was met by number one daughter it was time to venture on to the underground and overground network where I discovered that tickets and the use of cash – remember that, pieces of thin pliable plastic with a picture of the Queen on it – are now a thing if not yet totally but well on its way to being a thing of the past.

Or at the very least something ‘you old ancient folks use’

Nowadays in London (shows how long it is since I visited the city) you simply use your credit card and just tap and go when entering at the start and leaving at the end of your journey, the rest is taken care of somewhere in the ether.

Tap and go!!!!

When I was young ‘tap and go’ was something you did to to the toe-rag guy who was trying to chat up your girlfriend.

Give them a quick tap and go.

Or as was also the case on occasions being on the receiving end of ‘tap and go’

Right back to London and the trip

Travelling from a Tier 2 to Tier 2 area shouldn’t be a problem except according to reports London will be going from Tier 2 to Tier 3 two days after I leave for which I point out I will be taking absolutely no responsibility.

So off we went on the underground, overground wobbling free to Lewisham.

And now I’ve got the Wombling Wombles tune going around my head.

The flat overlooks Lewisham Station with an interesting view which includes being able to look into neighbouring flats in the block of flats opposite.

Like everyone else I have listened to the news and that people are being encouraged to and have been effectively working from home since March but of course in Ipplepen it as been either invisible or as far as the rural community is concerned a non-starter.

It has therefore come as a bit of a shock to see people surrounded by screens and working deep into the night.

Working from home has advantages but also great disadvantages if you aren’t disciplined.

I wonder if people remember or even know that there is an OFF button on all of there equipment.

On the bright side it is brilliant to see that people in the flats have taken the time to put up Christmas Trees and Christmas lights.

Anyway Lewisham it is and an early start tomorrow probably in time to watch the City wake up.