True Purpose – Just to Be

I’m not sure what it is but there is something about the human condition that cause us (or at the least for the majority of us) to be looking for a purpose to our lives.

At the same time we are looking for an explanation of the inexplicable and unexplainable, to find an answer to the question that has preoccupied the whole of mankind since time began …… why are we here?, and what is the purpose of life?

And yes I have read Douglas Adams and know the answer to the life, the universe and everything is 42.

However does 42 really explain and include where I live?

One of the strange things about living in Ipplepen is that whilst we have a number of different religious and ethnic residents living here – all as you would expect very nice people- you wouldn’t because they are so nice necessarily rely on them in a gangland type rumble.

The other thing about Ipplepen residents is they’re not naturally excitable folk alongside which the West Country accent doesn’t really lend itself to being a gangster.

It is hard to imagine being terrified by “hee bee destined to swim with the fishes hee bee” threat from a Devonian never mind someone who lives in Ipplepen.

A lot of this of course is down to the village being a place where good manners (OK there are as always the rare exception), but nevertheless, good manners is the residents creed.

The exception of course as with most places in the UK being Parking when good manners seems to have got themselves lost.

Yes we have our quota of the odd, bizarre and strange living alongside the strictly conventional residents but they have found a way to harmoniously co-exist with each other in spite of any and all eccentricities.

Perhaps it is the rural setting, being close to Dartmoor to the North and the sea to the South that cause people around here to be so helpful and accommodating which we have seen in abundance throughout this year with the Covid 19 lockdown.

Or perhaps it is that people are the way they are simply because they’re following a well established historical tradition in which West Country folk delight in being non-conformist and self-reliant.

Perhaps, just perhaps it is that in the West Country the people have made their minds up that the true and only purpose of our lives is – Just to Be, and enjoy it while you can.

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