Cost of No-Deal Coming Home to Roost

Cost of No-Deal coming Home To Roost

Remember how Michael Gove and Alexander Johnston and their friends expounded on the evil those who opposed their Brexit policy describing it as Project Fear and likening it to being traitors.

Well the “this will be the easiest negotiations ever”, and “there will be ready made international trade deals ready to go the moment we leave” claims of the Brexiteers doesn’t seem to be the case with only xxx days to go before the UK casts itself off into a world dominated by huge and increasing trade blocks.

So with World Trade Organisation rules beckoning (a WTO that is controlled and managed by unelected people – remember how this was one of the foundations of why the UK should leave the EU) is there any wonder that businesses are now on the edge of a precipice.

Covid 19 obviously hasn’t helped the situation with rising unemployment and the number of businesses that are facing or entering administration and/or bankruptcy increasing at an alarming rate.

I suppose now is the time to remind people that those in the present Cabinet including the Prime Minister when arguing for Brexit made it very clear that food prices would not increase as a result, that trade would with the European Union countries would not be affected, that there would be no problems with transport to and from the continent and that there would be a frictionless border between the UK and Europe.

Well now the tune being sung by those very same people is markedly difference.

Transport firms are being told that they will have to have reams of documentation completed before being able to transport goods to Europe and that facilities are being put in place to hold up to 5000 lorries at our ports.

The frictionless border is going to be so easily accessible that the Government are trying to recruit thousands of additional border staff.

That food prices imports will rise under World Trade Order rules.

That tariffs following a no-deal outcome will immediately be put on all exports to Europe raising prices and immediately giving our competitors an advantage.

The real cost of the Government’s incompetence in negotiating a deal is going to be met not by the Government but by every person in the United Kingdom.

It is what was voted for —