Result of Deep Rooted Ignorance

What happens if you just happen to be a person of the type who has a deep rooted ignorance

It is said that it is easier in the face of unquestionable and insurmountable knowledge to undermine the value experience of understanding a subject knowledge.

But what happens if you have people who have an intransigent deep rooted ignorance and who no matter what the evidence placed in front of them continue to lack the understanding and knowledge others have.

To put it simply in 2019 you become the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom likes to quote Latin from books he has read to demonstrate how clever he is without the slightest awareness that reading and understanding what is written in a book whilst it may provide knowledge it doesn’t provide the experience underpinning how or why it was written.

Quoting from books is no substitute for experience and experience is only gained by age, personal experimentation and exploration.

Sadly too many of the current crop of the Westminster politicians demonstrate at very regular intervals that they talk of things of which they have very little or no experience and so is it any wonder that the decisions they take are so out of touch, divisive and incompetent.

If anyone is in any doubt that this is true they only have to look at how the Westminster cabal have totally mismanaged the Covid 19 crisis in England.