Is It Really Goodbye

Is it Really Goodbye

Once he and his tribe have packed their belongings into their metaphorical bin bags and the outgoing President of the USA takes a last, lingering look around the Oval Office the trauma of effectively being sacked by the people will probably only then start to sink in.

I doubt if he will have any regrets at his actions whilst in the White House but as the raft of legal action and investigations taken against him and his family start to roll in he’ll perhaps reflect on the old adage that ‘you reap what you sow’.

Just think about what the poor delusional sod faces after the White House.

When he was a mere boy in short trousers he was protected by his fathers wealth that continued throughout his school years which by all accounts were a struggle because of his lack of focus and intelligence and led to behavioural problems to the extent where his parents enrolled him in a military school.

The young Donnie clearly enjoyed prancing and posing in his uniform, pretending he was a hero with a large sword (this is not a euphemism), until of course the time came for him to really serve his country when once again his fathers wealth managed to conjure up a medical examination that said his lad suffered from poorly feet.

I could go on but what became clear is that if there is one constant throughout his life it is that Donald Trump has maintained a capacity to indulge in self-pity and tantrums when he doesn’t get his own way.

The greater the disappointment the greater the tantrum and the greater the self-pity, almost as if he enjoys wallowing in a misery of his own making.

Of course it might well be that he finds self-pity satisfying and something he indulges himself in as part of a masochistic enjoyment of a warped mind.

Winning in that case would be a gross violation of his right to self-pity and would simply ruin the whole experience of losing for him

Is there any wonder then that he hasn’t conceded and put himself (and the rest of the world) out of its misery?

Though to be fair he will no doubt be keen to share it on Twitter where his version of events will as far as he is concerned be an accurate draft of history.

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