Will Honesty Prevail or Democracy Fail -AGAIN

When I wrote this blog a week ago I didn’t know what the outcome would be but it has come to pass that the majority people of the USA have spoken and taken the decision to reward honesty and truth and hope and reject misogyny, hate and racism — Congratulations USA and Well Done President Biden and Vice-President Harris.

Well it has come to that time again with now less than a week before the people of the United States of America will democratically elect a man (once again) to the post of President of the United States and Commander in Chief of the most powerful military the world has ever known.

Now those who follow me and read my blogs know I have strong opinions on the politics of both my home nation, (United Kingdom that is because quite frankly admitting I’m English as opposed to being Scottish, Irish or even Welsh is embarrassing) and the United States.

In fact four years ago I incurred the wrath and ire of some US Citizens by confessing that I had turned down an invitation from former Royal Navy comrades to visit the States because of the actions and policies of the current White House incumbent.

And yes I know there are people on the blogosphere who firmly believe that politics is something that should be shied away from and not blogged about.

If you are one of them then you should stop reading now and go about your lives, if you are not one of them then by all means read on.

So I’ll start – there is no question that what we have seen in the past four years both in the USA and UK is a polarisation of understanding and a wilful unwillingness to listen to any point of view other than ones own.

This has led too what has not necessarily been an increase but the revealing of systemic racialism and policies that would not have looked out of place in the early 20th century rise in fascism.

The vitriol and racial stereotyping of people, especially people of colour by the President of the USA and Prime Minister of the UK and their supporters as somehow being undeserving and less than equal to themselves and their ilk is reminiscent of the arguments used to justify the slave trading industry of the past.

White by the way is not always right and in fact the term “white” is in itself wrong, after all the current President of the USA is more of an orangey colour and our PM is more a sallow pasty pink.

But I digress as is my won’t.


I absolutely think, – given the adversarial nature of the current political scene -, that expressing political opinions in an open forum is likely to bring a level of abuse and vitriol down upon your head and if it concerns you then not blogging about it is probably a sensible course to take.

So just to be clear to anyone reading this who is thinking of or about to throw abuse my way – I say – don’t waste your time because it will be like water off a ducks back.

After all isn’t it one of the basic foundations of a democracy that each man (and woman) is entitled to hold and express their opinions through freedom of speech?

So to democracy in action.

Well first off if democracy is really as great as it is cracked up to be (and incidentally I firmly believe that when compared with other forms of selecting a Government it is by far my preferred choice), then every vote should count and be of equal value.

Which of course in the USA and UK they aren’t.

Four years ago because of the vagaries of the electoral system the President was elected by a minority having failed to win a majority of the national vote

Similarly the Prime Minister of the UK also didn’t come anywhere close to gaining over 50% of the votes cast.

So how is it that both countries have elected two misogynistic, egotistical, self-serving, incompetent, racist serial liars to the highest office in the land?

Who is to blame?

Well the simple answer of course in to blame the parents and especially the fathers who themselves were/are not great examples of honesty in either their personal or professional lives and who indulged/taught their sons that through inherited wealth (no matter from which dubious sources it was derived) and privilege that they were entitled to do, say and act however they want without having to consider the consequences.

I personally blame the great city of New York because both men were born there. Perhaps there was something in the water on the actual day they were born which affected their personalities which in turn developed them into the sociopathic liars we see today. (A CONSPIRACY THEORY TO KEEP THE MAD INTEREST)

The most complex and sadly the most realistic area of blame lies with the people, the ordinary working people who in their millions, and with the irrefutable knowledge of the proven nature and character of the two men, decided to vote for them.

I’m not saying that all who voted for Donald Trump are racist, or misogynistic, or liars, or a philander or incompetent – BUT and it is a BIG BUT – if you did vote for him in 2016 whether male or female what an earth did you think would happen?

Did you really think he would suddenly have a complete change of character and somehow when a crisis arose rise to the challenge?

Well now you and the rest of the world know what millions of others and those he has done business with in the past know, that he simply is morally and intellectually incapable of being honest or even understanding even the simplest of issues never mind the complex ones facing the world.

In the United Kingdom we are seeing Boris Johnston demonstrating exactly the same incompetence and lack of empathy as his friend across the water.

How has it come to pass that two significant nations have managed to get it so wrong is perhaps one of the major questions facing by both countries in the 21st Century.

Is Government power now only to be handed to the ultra-wealthy (or those who appear to be ultra-wealthy) and to those who have been privileged all of their lives?

If that is the case then why bother with the illusion of democracy?

The answer perhaps lies in the area of political education.

It is not a clear this is right this is wrong question.

Not all aspects of liberal socialism or capitalism are bad for the people or for the country.

Surely a nation with the wealth creating capability of the USA should at the very least be able to look after and protect the most vulnerable in society and provided first class healthcare and education for everyone.

In my opinion what it comes down to is having the willingness to listen to others points of views and act in the interest of the majority not the minority because the truth is both the United States and United Kingdom can afford to do what is right if they decide to do so.

The sad thing is with Donald Trump as President and Alexander Johnston as Prime Minister the right thing to do for the majority will never come to pass.

It is four years here in the UK before the people will have the opportunity to start the change, in the USA it is next week.

Four years ago I stayed up all night watching the US results come in and went to bed depressed at what he might bring to the White House and how the USA will be viewed by the rest of the world – I was not disappointed – America is no longer a shining beacon of freedom, tolerance and good will.

Perhaps on Wednesday morning next week I will go to bed knowing that in the White House is a new President and Vice-President who will put their nation and the world before their own self-interest.