If there is one root of all addictions no matter what it may be then that root must fundamentally come down to denial.

Whether it be alcohol, drugs or anything else those addicted always go through a period, sometimes until the very end of their life, of denial that they even have a problem.

Addiction also includes the lust for power, of recognition where the problem is exactly the same – they can and will never get enough – which means that as human beings addicts lack the ability to have empathy with those who do not share their addiction and as such will never give enough either.

It is why addiction invariably, though not inevitably, ends in failure.

So what drives people to want political power and control over peoples lives?

Is it to really improve the lives of the majority or is it that they suffer from a basic insecurity and lack of self-worth that drives them to be so egotistical and addicted to being seen as powerful?

And why is it that so many male political leaders seem incapable of finding a balance and suffer from the highs of a delusion of invincibility and the lows of mental health depression?

Perhaps depression is just one of the by-products of the emotionally insecure setting themselves politically and personal impossible to achieve aims.