What Next For Us All

So what should we do now that the forecasted (remember in 2016 how the current leadership told us to ignore experts and trust the politicians?) and inevitable “”second wave”” of Covid 19 has started to sweep through the nation?

I suppose if you are the Government you will have prepared by stocking up on reams and reams of red tape to ensure that the nation doesn’t run out before the full impact of a no-deal Brexit kicks in and the ability to import the mythical mountain of red tape from the European Union is lost.

I have recently taken action into my own hands and renewed my passport just in case the relevant Government department hadn’t ordered enough red tape?

Not for me an eight hour drive to Durham to report in person to the passport office?

I’ll leave that visit to County Durham to the Prime Minister’s best friend.

Incidentally should I complain that my new passport is blue and not black given the insistence by Boris Johnston and Michael Gove that leaving the European Union would mean a return to the old UK Passport?

And why is it that my nationality has to be British, and not Scottish, or Irish or heaven forbid even Welsh?

I’m English so not using it or even arguing to use it to define my nationality is a personal choice to avoid the embarrassment of having to admit that I am.

back to the subject.

One thing that is certain is that ordinary non-Governmental people (what they call ordinary people) like me will never be able to get our hands on enough or in fact any red tape to use to get our own back on the civil servants masters.

I use the word masters without reservation because the vast majority of the politicians in this Government are white, male and almost all misogynistic the majority of who firmly believe that they were born and entitled to rule.

If you don’t believe that the red tape brigade are alive well and thriving just try getting a replacement birth certificate which you will need in the event that ever need to prove who you are.

Well Covid 19 is back with us – not that it ever went away really – the rules of how to conduct ourselves are as confusing as ever and the nation is fragmented over whether they will follow them.

The friends of the Government have made millions of pounds out of contracts given to them (without going through any tendering process), whilst ordinary people have to fight the red tape designed specifically to prevent them accessing what they are entitled to apply for.

In the meanwhile negotiators over a Brexit trade deal with the European Union are ongoing – at an end – ongoing – failing – ongoing, depending on what day Alexander Johnston is talking about it.

Children are going hungry and parents are missing meals to feed their children, unemployment is rising steeply, businesses are going into administration and bankruptcy at an alarming rate, but hey ho – MP’s have just agreed to accept a £3000 a year pay rise and are celebrating all of this by having parties in House of Commons Offices to avoid the six people meeting rues.

So to all of those who voted for and are now on the receiving end of Government red tape, inertia and lack of support and empathy then all I can say is –

What did you think would happen when you voted for Boris and his Conservative friends.