Here Come The Conspiracy Nutters

I wonder how long before we see the nutcases come crawling out from under their respective stones to spout conspiracy theories about Coronavirus?

Too late they have already started.

I suppose it all started when the Prime Minister, one Alexander (de-piffle) Johnston stated in the House of Commons that the virus could be overcome and he believed in “Great British publics common sense” to pull us through.

Now forgive me but this is the same ‘Great British Common Sense’ that saw millions of people stripping the supermarket shelves of toilet paper – presumably under the common sense impression that wiping your arse more often would prevent and cure a virus that attacks the lungs and respiratory track.

Working on that definition of a common sense approach – what next – stock up on kitchen towel to cure cancer?

The problem is that Covid 19 is a serious issue that shouldn’t be trivialised so how is it that with over 60,000 deaths, the highest per capita of population of any nation on earth, we are seeing the selfishness of such huge numbers of people.

It is a selfishness that is becoming increasingly prevalent across the UK which threatens and undermines all of the fantastic work not only of those on the front line but also millions who have actively supported and looked after their neighbours.

Some of the things I hear people say or read in the main stream media or on social media platforms is unbelievable, disturbing, hypocritical and to put it in simple terms downright racist.

Even some people I know very well (or at least I thought I knew them) have disappointingly been drawn out and have revealed their true attitudes towards others to the extent that ‘I’ve blocked them on social media and cut off all other contact with them.

This of course is the point where well meaning people say “you should continue to have contact with them an try to make them understand”.

To which I respond with “ life is to short to spend it trying to educate the ignorant and stupid”

That doesn’t mean I’m going to turn a blind eye to racists, homophobes or any other kind of prejudice but find other ways to try and bring about and support those who genuinely believe in equality.

Incidentally if you want a clear and unambiguous example of why the UK is in such a shit-storm of racialism self-denial and lack of awareness you only have to read the headline in the most right wing anti-foreigner racist newspapers -(The Mail on Sunday 14 June 2O20) that reads-

‘What has become of the tolerant country we love?’

This from a main stream media UK newspaper that is owned by tax avoidance millionaires and who for decades has denigrated and demonised foreign nationals who live and work in the UK and who employ right-wing racist journalists to whip up hatred against them.

By the way if you happen to be offended by what I am saying then that is just tough – you don’t have to read it.

But I will lay odds on that you will believe the conspiracy theories that Covid 19 was a plot in the USA by the Democrats – working with the China – to make Donald Trump look bad and derail his Presidential campaign.

Or here in the UK it was a conspiracy of the left to make the Conservative Government of Alexander Johnston look bad.

What next?

Perhaps the Government have watched V for Vendetta and thought “wow what a good idea to attack our own people with a biological weapon to give us an excuse to take total autocratic control of the nation” ….. is the lockdown just an excuse for a total curfew?

Why do I get the impression those who extol and support conspiracy theories always come across as being incapable of any form of intellectual understanding .. or even the ability to read.

There is a great deal of information available – and admittedly also just as much disinformation – about Covid 19 but the one thing that cannot be hidden is the reality that the Coronavirus has been the cause of tens of thousands of deaths.

Not only deaths directly attributed to people catching the virus but the deaths of those who have been denied treatment for other illnesses whilst our medical services have been concentrating on dealing with the Covid crisis.

I admit I’m not an immunologist or epidemiologist but for those who haven’t yet got it, forget and ignore the conspiracy theorists and look at the evidence of the number of deaths across the world and I can say with certainty that COVID-19 is f****** dangerous.

Incidentally the cure is definitely not to ingest bleach.. though if you want to prove the Darwinian Theory of evolution then please go ahead…I’m sure there is space in the crematorium or a cemetery for you.

As for me…. until a scientifically proven vaccine is found I think I’ll treat everyone else as a risk and go about living my life accordingly.