The World Has Gone Out Of Its Mind

The World Has Gone Out Of Its Mind

I am seriously beginning not only to wonder but increasingly to question whether mankind is ever going to learn or are we destined to destroy this plant.

In a world of 6.8 billion souls are we collectively having a nervous breakdown in which we are totally and completely losing our minds?

I ask this against a background in which there has been 416,000 Covid 19 deaths across the globe of which the UK has over 61,000.

Or for those who like statistics 15% of the global deaths are from these islands.

How an earth in any reasonable mind can that be classified as a success to be proud of as the Prime Minister and Minister of Health claim.

But what do I know?

Wait a minute – I’m no expert and this Government won a major referendum victory in 2016 using an argument that ‘we don’t need and shouldn’t listen to experts’ – or perhaps I unknowingly know as much as if not more than our Government Ministers.

Mind blowing isn’t it?

But let’s move away from Covid 19 and look at the other evidence that the planet is collectively losing its mind.

We are seeing the result of what happens when in a western democracy the protectors of our freedoms kill the very people they are supposed to be protecting.

Protests, demonstrations – sometimes with a minority of the participants resorting to looting and rioting – and it has to be said in many cases all in response to the violence and overwhelming force and brutality being dolled out by the forces of the state.

Why it should be asked does the act of killing a single innocent civilian cause such a reaction around the world when in reality it is just one amongst many that happen every year.

Why isn’t there a global uproar for every innocent civilian killed?

In the last year alone the USA police shot and killed 996 of their own citizens.

Now this is where the madness shows itself in all its obscene glory.

Many of the protesters protesting against racism and for equality in the United Kingdom see the police as a right-wing institutionally racist organisation which leads to them attacking the police.

Whilst at the same time, as we have seen recently in London the right wing Britain First activists who sang the national anthem and chanted England and who they claim turned up “to protect our national monuments” set about violently attacking the police who were on duty ‘to protect the national monuments’.

Nothing says we demand our rights to freedom and free speech than chanting nationalist slogans whilst giving a nazi salute before attacking the police.

Madness isn’t the word for it.

And things are only going to get worse because one of the outcomes of the pandemic is the huge increase in unemployment as the economy has collapsed.

The world madness isn’t confined to humans treatment of humans as if that isn’t bad enough but also the human races treatment of our wildlife and environment.

Someone, anyone who can in anyway justify how and why paying to go out and indiscriminately kill beautiful animals in the name of it being a sport would be a remarkable person indeed,.

I often wonder what the world would say about someone who decided they were going to set about hunting the hunters?

Would they turn a blind eye to it?

And why not?

In a world that’s determined to destroy the planet why worry about a few well heeled ‘hunters’ being removed from the gene pool.

I admit I wouldn’t shed much of a tear, in fact I’d go as far as to say I wouldn’t shed a tear at all.

It is strange that the human race who are the largest recipients when it comes benefitting from the planets natural resources and wildlife are also those who seem so at ease in destroying and killing it for no other reason than they can and they simply feel like it.

Who or what gave the human race the right to be so cruel, so selfish and so determined to inflict cruelty on living things that have done them no harm?

And please don’t get me started on the religious hypocrisy of it being all part of gods (all gods) great master plan because as anyone who has read my other blogs will know I think all religions are so much bovine excrement.

Will the human race ever stop destroying the planet for short-term gain and satisfaction?

Of course they won’t.

At least they won’t until the voices of the ordinary people on the streets are not only heard by those in power but also acted upon.

OK – I concede it wont happen.

Which is why those who are protesting have to keep going.