This is a Cockwomble

A Cockwomble he is

If he attempt to approach you

Run away quickly

Go make sure you’re hid

For this is the Cockwomble

Who has no idea

Of what to do next

So he stands with eyes down

Saying “all my respect”

To those who have saved me

Who’ve rescued my neck

But this particular Cockwomble

Is very good at disguise

He won’t ever stand tall

To look into your eyes

For this is the Cockwomble

Who for years with his friends

Has planned and has plotted

The National Health Service demise

So he’ll say that he’s grateful

And with his good friend

Matt Hancock

Will say “thanks a lot”

To the doctors and nurses

As they pass on by

But he is the Cockwomble

Who continues to lie

For this is the Cockwomble

Who doesn’t really care

If you die.