Where is the nation going?

Where is the nation going?

13 January 2020

When I decided to take a pause in publishing I thought it would be interesting (at least to me) to continue writing about issues that interest me and then publish them unaltered from the original at a later date.

My thinking was that things are changing so rapidly that any conclusions or observations would almost certainly be historically out of date by the time it is published.

It may also be that some of my observations and thoughts may end up being prophetic.

The date the articles were written is shown above each article.

I cannot guarantee they are interesting or thought provoking or even enjoyable.

We shall see..

13 January 2020

So here is the question that I doubt only I have been asking, “At what point did the people of the United Kingdom and especially the people of England stopped caring about their friends, neighbours and fellow citizens.

“Who says we don’t any longer care” will be the cry that goes up and they will point to the amount of money donated to Comic Relief and Children in Need as evidence that people do care.

Except of course a combined total of 28.5 million either didn’t bother to vote or voted to support a Conservative Government who over the past 10 years have been directly responsible for the poverty that has seen an increase in food banks and and increased need for Children in Need.

It is those 28.5 million who for all of their protestations and pretence at caring really when it comes down to it couldn’t give a monkeys left testicle for those who are homeless and in need.

Of course by giving a small donation or if you are wealthy giving a large donation to charity will I suppose somewhat ease the conscience of the people giving the donation and especially when they read (or as is the case choose to ignore) the plight of the 600,000 UK citizens who are disabled.

Does it really matter that even more fire stations are going to be closed?

Well for the vast majority of the 28.5 million who will not require the fire brigade to cut them out of vehicles at the site of a Road traffic Accident or have to be rescued from a burning building it doesn’t matter, and why should it?

And why should they when a “Tut Tut. How Sad” will do before completely and conveniently forgetting about it.