The Most Important Issue

The Most Important Issue

12 January 2020

When I decided to take a pause in publishing I thought it would be interesting (at least to me) to continue writing about issues that interest me and then publish them unaltered from the original at a later date.

My thinking was that things are changing so rapidly that any conclusions or observations would almost certainly be historically out of date by the time it is published.

It may also be that some of my observations and thoughts may end up being prophetic.

The date the articles were written is shown above each article.

I cannot guarantee they are interesting or thought provoking or even enjoyable.

We shall see..

12 January 2020

OK so what has happened to excite the media in the past two weeks?

Was it that the United States have now officially adopted and publicly revealed a policy of state sponsored assassinations?…

Or perhaps it’s the difficulties the United States and UK security organisations now face to avoid the assassination of Donald Trump on their soil now that there is an $80 million bounty on his head?

(We certainly don’t want to see it happen when he comes to take part in the VE Day 75th Celebration – perhaps it’ll rain and he’ll stay at home)

Or perhaps it’s the shooting down of an Iranian Aircraft with the loss of life of all of those onboard and the threat of retaliation by the USA who conveniently forget that only a few years ago a US Navy Warship shot down an airliner with the same devastating loss of life of all onboard.

And talking about devastating the media could be concentrating on the impact of global warming as a result of mankind’s insatiable pursuit of destroying the planet we call home and the devastation to wildlife and the people caused by the fires in Australia.

But NO – wait – there is a more pressing and important issue than global warming, world poverty, the rise and resurgence of life threatening diseases or even World War Three……

And that is…

A member of the British Royal Family and his wife have thrown a strop and say they no longer want to be a member of the family firm, or more to the point they want to continue to receive all of the benefits of being a member of the Royal Family such as keeping their titles, receiving funding from the family and the British taxpayer etc, etc but don’t want to do the work expected of them.

You see privilege and entitlement do go hand in hand when you are a “Royal” even to the extent of being applicable to those who marry into the Royal Family.

I predict that what we are about to see is a repeat of “I only want to be a Peoples Princess” media campaign like the one we saw around Princess Diana where the current wife of a prince will claim that she is the 100% victim in all of this.

Except if you are reading this and believe that Princess Diana and the Duchess of Sussex are totally the victims of persecution by the establishment you probably also believe that..

Global Warming is a myth put about by the Chinese

That Donald Trump can actually read and write and really did have ‘heel spurs’ which prevented him serving his country

That Boris Johnston was telling the truth when he said he has never lied whilst being in politics.

That the treatment of Palestine by the Israel Government isn’t cruel and repressive

Or even that Prince Harry is the Spitting Image of Prince Charles.

In which case you need to wake up from behind the cosy rose tinted glasses you live behind and take a look at the real world.

As for me – well I look forward to not watching an actress tearfully keeping control of her emotions whilst giving an eye fluttering, coquettish “I’m a victim my only crime was to fall in love” performance in a television interview whilst in the background using her new found position to negotiate contracts worth millions even billions of dollars.

I suppose there is a line that could be used to describe the Harry and Meghan farce ….

Go if you must,

Go if you want to,

Don’t Make a Fuss

Simply – Just Go

Harry and Megan – What a Farce