Outlast Johnston and Trump – And Survive

Outlast Johnston and Trump – And Survive

9 January 2020

When I decided to take a pause in publishing I thought it would be interesting (at least to me) to continue writing about issues that interest me and then publish them unaltered from the original at a later date.

My thinking was that things are changing so rapidly that any conclusions or observations would almost certainly be historically out of date by the time it is published.

It may also be that some of my observations and thoughts may end up being prophetic.

The date the articles were written is shown above each article.

I cannot guarantee they are interesting or thought provoking or even enjoyable.

We shall see..

9 January 2020

Well here we are in 2020 and if ever anyone thinks for one second that the worst is behind us all I can say is that the times we live in are about to get increasing wild.

I haven’t watched the news for over a week now so I’m not even sure what the state of play is in the world.

The USA and its self-proclaimed great leader having now formalised and normalised state sponsored assassinations (even if the person assassinated was the worse example of human kind) may well have started World War 3 (WW4 if you count the Napoleonic Wars) for all I know.

Or is the USA waiting for someone to claim the £80 million dollar bounty for assassinating the President of the USA?

Perhaps the other Great Leader – Kim Jong Un – (who Donald Trump must hate if only because he was first to claim the title of Great Leader which means Donald is runner-up) – has now invaded South Korea.

So many opportunities to start a global war – you would never believe it if the scenarios were in a film but let’s face it at the current time everything is now a very distinct possibility.

If you don’t believe it just look at the United Kingdom who have just elected a renowned serial liar and racist as our Prime Minister ( our very own mini-Trump) who is committed to supporting his friend at all costs.

The “at all cost” is likely to be the lives of British Armed Services personnel.

Under Mr Johnston and his Governments isolationist policies pride in being British is something that is gradually being consigned to the annals of history and rather than telling our children how lucky they are to be born here my generation (or at least a large number of them) are apologising for the country and encouraging them to seek a better life away from theses shores.

We don’t like the thought of our son, daughter-in law and grandson living in New Zealand because of the distance but we also know they will have a better life than if they returned to the UK.

I saw a sign the other day that said “I’m proud of my country, I’m ashamed of my Government”.

The world is going to hell in a handcart and if you aren’t worried about the future …. well…..

Let’s face is this shit is real and it is becoming an increasing nightmare.

But not to worry, no matter what level of insanity Donald Trump and Boris Johnston and their friends and supporters or what clusterfuck they commit our nations to we will be alright.

Mainly it has to be said because whatever happens it won’t affect the majority of the population who will undoubtedly tut tut – become increasingly “PATRIOTIC” (which is one way of saying increasingly xenophobic) and then go back to their super-sized burgers, fries and fizzy drinks.

Perhaps the only thing that will really change their minds will be when the four horsemen ride out and the apocalypse happens bringing with it a nuclear winter.

But what the hell do I know..

If you elect as the leader of your nation a man who has the morals of an alley cat, has by their words and actions cheated on their wives (and even with their other women with other women), who have gone bankrupt or/and cheated the taxman, who are serial liars, sexists, misogynists and racists then surely anything that befalls your nation is nothing less than karma.

Things have changed, and are changing but we don’t have to accept it which is why I am still firmly convinced and very optimistic that we can and will outlast Johnston and Trump and survive.

By the way did I say I have a very dry and sarcastic sense of humour.