Homelessness – Welcome

Homelessness – Welcome

6 January 2020

When I decided to take a pause in publishing I thought it would be interesting (at least to me) to continue writing about issues that interest me and then publish them unaltered from the original at a later date.

My thinking was that things are changing so rapidly that any conclusions or observations would almost certainly be historically out of date by the time it is published.

It may also be that some of my observations and thoughts may end up being prophetic.

The date the articles were written is shown above each article.

I cannot guarantee they are interesting or thought provoking or even enjoyable.

We shall see..

6 January 2020

As we enter Spring it is perhaps worth thinking about those who are less fortunate than the majority of us and especially those without a permanent roof over their head.

Over the Christmas period there was seen across the United Kingdom a number of acts of kindness and generosity from and by individuals and organisations.

One example of which was when Birmingham New Street Railway Station was partially turned into a venue that treated hundreds of homeless people and families struggling against poverty to a Christmas meal.

In all 350 people including children received a three course vegetarian meal which as one person put it “is the only taste or experience of Christmas they will have”.

Well deserved congratulations to the organisers of the meal – Midland Langar Seva Society and Network Rail – however …. and yes there is a but coming….

How an earth has it come to a situation in the second largest city in England and in the fifth wealthiest nation on the planet that 350 people are reliant on charity for a hot meal at Christmas time?

It is also worth considering this and especially if you happen to be or know someone who espouse the view of our Prime Minister and those who are keen to demonise foreigners and immigrants that the Midland Langar Seva Society operates on a Sikh based ethos in which they help and support ALL people regardless of social status.

Langar itself is a term that the Sikh religion use for a general or common kitchen or canteen where food is served for free to those in need without any regard or prejudice to race, religion and/or background.

The issue of homelessness in England is so bad that it has now reached crisis level, and yet the Government and the majority of the population don’t consider it to be a emergency,

Well I disagree, homelessness is not only a moral emergency it is a national scandal and disgrace which is the fault of successive Governments.

Yes over the past 10 years the current Conservative Government (aided by the Liberal Democrat’s for five years) have made the situation even worse than it was but the previous Labour Government cannot be absolved of their role and especially where homelessness is concerned.

It was under a Labour Government that the definition of homelessness was changed to “Homeless and in Need” which simply means that if there aren’t children or a woman expecting a child involved then people without a home fail the “in need” criteria.

The impact of the change has been to see a huge increase in the number of people reliant on being offered temporary accommodation with friends – sofa surfers – whilst our politicians point at the “Homeless and in Need” statistics and claim they show a decrease in homelessness.

But hey – who really cares about the homeless anyway it isn’t as if they are likely to vote or even be entitled to vote without a home address!!!!!!

And after all when we live in a country where 14.6 million who are qualified and entitled to vote decided not to I don’t suppose any of then gave a second thought to the 4,700 people who are currently rough sleeping on the streets of Britain.

So welcome to 2020 and a new “bright future” decade in the United Kingdom, providing of course you have a home, a job and love the idea of being an isolated island race.

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