T’was the night before Christmas

And all through the crew

Some were ploughing through gashies

Some having a brew,

The Boilers were steady

2 sprayers and a half

The “Steamer” and “Vappy”

both sharing a laugh,

The Bridge was all darkened

With red lights aglow

Bridge lookouts all salt sprayed

With no hint of snow,

The greenies were sleeping

What else would they do?

Whilst the Guts Watch Boiler crew

Cooked a crayfish or two,

In the ops room they plotted

A new possible threat

“Ease Up” said the Captain

There’s no trouble just yet,

In the galley, the Chef’s

Whom no restaurant could beat

Were all hard at work

With this year’s Christmas treat,

While the screens all lit up

With 8 targets and “tow”

The Turkey and Pork

Were all roasting below,

All clear says the PWO

This isn’t a trick

It’s Christmas Eve, Fella’s

And here comes Saint Nick,

No Helo crew needed

All tucked in their racks

Whilst Santa alighted

His Sleigh, with a sack,

Not toys, nor playstations

No Chockies or tanks

Santa’s sack was full up

To the brim, full of thanks,

From a nation so grateful

And ex-Pussers with a tear

Saying “Thanks” to the Sailors

Serving our Nation with no fear,

So thanks all you Shipmates,

You’re doing us proud.

And we’ll shout it from the mast head

And we’ll shout it out loud,

You’re uncouth and your rough

And loving and kind

Which is why we will never

Leave a shipmate behind