“I’m Thinking of You”

“I’m Thinking of You”

A Sailor’s Letter

I haven’t had time to drop you a line

And thought perhaps you might grieve

So I send you this card just to say I’m alright

And longing to see you again when on “leave”

When Old England’s Call for sailor’s to fight

For her Honour – in me caused a thrill

I felt fight I must. Or else I would “bust”

So I’m at Pompey – putting in drill

The work it is stiff, for we’re “at it” all day

And sometimes half of the night

But we’re hardening to it and getting quite fit

And thank goodness we’re “Merry and Bright”

My duty calls me as this picture tells

To the place where the fighting is done

And once British Tars get grip of the foe

There’s no letting go until they have wine

So, cheer up, my dear, tho’ parted we are

And though I’m so far away

My loved ones are ever first in my thoughts

I’m thinking of you every day