Ipple – Pen Diary. Halloween

October 31st and its bloody Halloween in Ipplepen when the children (and some of their parents) dress up as vampires, witches, wizards and ghouls and knock on people’s doors demonising money or sweets.

If you did it on any other night of the year it would be construed as demanding money with menaces or what in law is called robbery.

How the vicar views this is anyone’s guess and judging by the numbers involved he must wonder if there is any way he can get those involved in what is a pagan ritual into his congregation.

Just think if he could, St Andrews would be bursting at the seams every week, without that is alienating his more traditional god fearing congregation members.

There will be “start of winter” barbecues where alongside the normal barbecue fair residents will be cooking up some fabulously named new alcoholic concoction such as “Boiled Black Oil” which will contain both dark and white rum in proportions that after two glasses would render a rhino insensible.

In the Welly the regulars will watch this with a stoic and cynical smile as they watch the non-drinkers stagger and wind their way home after one to many Halloween specials.

It is perhaps fortunate that tomorrow is Friday and an early finish for most people because I suspect not a great deal of productive work is going to be achieved as a result of the pagan festivities.

On the up side of course they can look forward to a post hangover meal of left-overs re-heated in an over full grill-pan along with cheese and celery sticks.