A Future Unplanned

There is something so be said for taking each day as it comes and living in the moment even if you are up to your knees shovelling snow from your front path to get out to the pub.

Why be miserable about it?

Think pleasant thoughts or simply give in and enjoy the moment and what is happening at the time it happens rather than looking back and wishing we had.

It is an ingrained trait in some people to always be looking at the negative which means that they feel they have to comment on every little thing that is happening.

Such people often it has to be said are the kind who suck the joy out of every situation and seem incapable of understanding that is alright to plan for what is going to happen in six months time but the future is actually only seconds away so enjoy now.

Perhaps the reason those who are meticulous planners of events well into the future suffer from some kind of syndrome (yet undetected by science) that prevents them from being happy today and feel the need to plan for happiness in the future.

Conversely of course it is only very happy and contented people at ease with their lives who are completely fulfilled by living a life well planned out whilst those who seize the moment live in a world or openness and a lack of commitment to the future.

Either way I suspect they are all going to be sorely disappointed.

The realty of life is today was the future yesterday so is it just possible that today is truly the future?

Enjoy today everybody it won’t come again.