Failing and Out of Control.

If you are Boris Johnston or spend anytime listening or studying him it is almost impossible (in fact impossible) to say what he stands for or what his true character is.

But if you put an honest, principled, truthful person alongside him then you can see at once all sorts of things that our new Prime Minister has and perhaps more importantly what he lacks.

Principles, honesty, truthfulness and policies is what he lacks as he has shown on numerous occasions.

So what is it that he has?

Well an uncontrollable and insatiable desire for power is and as we have seen during his latest jaunt around the countries that currently form the United Kingdom a willingness to say anything to promise anything to get it.

The biggest problem with Boris Johnston (just as with his friend Donald Trump) is that anyone who does not subscribe to his methods is stereotyped as a raging unpatriotic left winger.

And what better method is there to cover and conceal his own misogyny, racism and lack of loyalty?

He finds it impossible, in his self-perpetuating smug mutual admiration of himself to believe that everyone else in their hearts of hearts should not want to be Boris Johnston and so ignore or even worse resort to insulting and denigrating them.

It is why now that he is in power he is proving not only to being a self righteous bully but also a weak and pathetic administrator.

He is finding it impossible to even lead and especially those who are not of his ilk and has therefore resorted to even more lies, spin, smoke and mirrors with the hope and intention that people like him will have selective memory loss and not remember the promises he has made in the past.

In effect Boris Johnston is a man who in terms of ideas, policies and the ability and aptitude to provide decisive coherent decisions making as his rambling speech last week showed is politically a man who not only cannot control his own party he cannot even control himself.

2 thoughts on “Failing and Out of Control.

  1. Excellent. I totally agree with this. He most definitely cannot control himself or anything else…and I believe that having reached the dizzy heights of Prime Minster – something he has desperately wanted – he is going to find out how difficult life can be. Thank you – Janet


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