Religion – Who Is Correct?

The regular visitors to and readers of my blog know that I’m not a greater believer in religion of any kind but that doesn’t mean I’m not interested in religions or why other people are believers which is why I would never criticise them for their beliefs.

It does seem to me however whenever I hear leaders of nations posturing about how they justify their actions by announcing they are doing the work of “their God” are simply strengthening the case for non-believers like me.

All religions it seems to me are based around a number of common principles namely, love, forgiveness, care for humanity and the human condition and yet those at the head of the religions just like those political leaders who claim to be religious are only too happy to laud the principles of their own beliefs whilst denigrating those of others.

So which of the specialists in specific religions is correct?

Is it the Muslim, Hindu, Christian, Judaism faiths?

Is it the orthodox or evangelical believers who are correct?

Given the number of wars and the multi-millions of people who have been killed trying to reconcile such arguments I’d argue that if for example Jesus or the Prophet Mohammed came to us today they would be destined to be considered specialists and expected to crush and crash all other religions.

And if they didn’t how they would be reviled in the media and across the planet on social networks.

Perhaps being an atheist isn’t such a bad thing to be if the alternative is to be bracketed with such as Donald Trump and Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and their devout evangelical claims of and for their religious beliefs to justify their actions and behaviour.

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