Bloody GPS

You have 200 miles to go

The voice tells me so

It will take 3 hours –

I’ll tell you how

So lets start and –

Off we go

Please turn right

Please go slow

Traffic ahead

May slow you down

Diversion now –

Through the town

Don’t worry I’ll

Re-calculate I’ll find

A route you won’t –

Be late

I know where you –

Want to go

You’ve entered the

Correct postcode

Your destination –

Is up ahead

Are you sure

This is where

You want to be

It appears to be

A cemetery

Of bugger I –

Say to myself

I’m in no hurry –

To go to hell

Bloody technology

Damn GPS

Once again

I’m in a mess

Now where is

That bloody map

It’s to the past

I’m going back