Bayonets at Dawn

Bayonets at Dawn

Why is it that people see work and even education as so combative?

And yes I have heard the tired old saying that what doesn’t kill yo makes you stronger which in my opinion, (based on my experience of life) is a complete load of (I was gaining to say bollocks but that would be rude) baloney.

Why do those and especially men who seek success by being ultra combative always appear to travel in packs like a pack of wolves seeking a weakened prey.

If you don’t believe me just look at the ardent Brexiteers, Johnston, Rees-Mogg, McVey, Leadsom et al and how they gang together and the dross they attract to their cause.

If there is ever are examples of a pack mentality that has got out of hand it is that created by Farage, Johnston and the Conservative Party in the United Kingdom, and Trump and the Republicans in the USA

It is almost as if they carry permanently with them a verbal bayonet that they are only too happy at the drop of a hat (or when challenged) to indiscriminately use.

The irony doesn’t seem to have registered with them that there are rarely, if ever, any real winners at the end of a violent confrontation whether it be physical or verbal.

The combatant left standing at the end of it is always invariably left damaged and it is only the time that passes before they to die and sometimes (especially in politics) very soon after the confrontation.

An anonymous person once said that a “bayonet is a weapon with a worker at each end”.

It may well be more true than we would like to believe.