Driving – Idiots v Maniacs

I’m driving along

Watching my speed

Happy, contented and free

And then up in front

A slow driver appears

Holding up traffic

Please get out of here

You’re slowing us down

Please hurry up

Why do I always

Get behind an idiot

And then when they move

I go bowling along

A skip in my heart

Singing a song

And then they appear

Passing quickly on by

What speed are they doing

Are they hoping to die

I’m carefully sticking

To the limited speed

So how fast are they going

Where’s their brain at

Slow down, slow down

You speeding maniac

So why is it I wonder

As I’m driving along

That all those going slower

Are idiots who should be gone

And those that go faster

And this is a fact

Are simply just crazy

Bloody maniacs