Don In The Big House

Donald Trump is on the run

His family are all in tow

It’s off to prison they are bound

When at them the book is thrown

He doesn’t seem to give a damn

Saying “Look how much I’m worth”

But as the noose tightens around

He’ll be brought right down to earth

He’ll bluster and he’ll bullshit

He’ll say he’s done no wrong

But the world isn’t going to fall for it

So run Donnie boy just run

He says he will ignore it all

Carry on as he has before

Until the crunch that will hurt

When they threaten his hidden hoard

The money they’ve salted away

From avoiding paying taxes

It will all and more be taken back

While in prison he lays upon his rack

And peace will rule the world

There’ll be no tantrums sent by tweets

No listening to incoherent speech

And when he says he’s a genius

Other prisoners may disagree

For he will soon be one of them

Too so many peoples glee

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