Political Fanaticism of Self-Doubt

“I’m a workaholic”

“I’m a perfectionist”

“I am single minded and centred on achieving my goals”

“It is important that I stay focussed”

These are all phrases you will here from someone or about someone and commonly about our nations leaders who apparently can get by on less than a nano-second of sleep a night because they are so “focussed” on “achieving their goals”.

The problem I have with such singleminded people – a number of who I have met during my lifetime (and in politics those who even considered what they have for breakfast as being a political decision) is that they are full of uncertainty and self doubt.

In other words they either realise or suspect they simply are not intellectually capable or have the leadership qualities up to the job.

It really is a simple case of them getting their ambitions confused with their capabilities,

So how do they compensate?

Well -by becoming fanatical about certain issues in order to cover up and to a greater extent overcompensate for their inner doubts and lack of ability.

And how loud they are in declaring that they are right….

And how much louder they become when challenged……

More telling is how strident they become in defending their fanaticism that has risen from their own fears and self-doubts as is being constantly demonstrated by those ardent Brexiteers in the United Kingdom who have become totally inflexible and implacable in their views.

It is a fanaticism that has in the past given rise to totalitarian regimes across the planet where anyone different to themselves or their vision are exploited or eliminated.

Welcome to the 21st Century “Brave New World”