Ipple-Pen Diary – On Tour – Cotswolds

Ipplepen-Pen Diary – On Tour 2019

Well knock me down with a feather boa it’s that time of year again when we take Doris (that’s our motorhome not some dotty old aunt) out of mothballs and set off to travel somewhere in the UK.

Last year we travelled to a foreign country (Scotland) and enjoyed it so much that this year we thought we’d visit another foreign country and on the advice on some who really believe it is we duly set off to visit Yorkshire.

The great thing about travelling with your own home, apart that is from being able to take the dogs, is that you can take your time and divide the journey up into bite size portions.

Our first stop this time was Broadway in the Cotswold which is a village about the size of Ipplepen and a population to match of about 2,500 which is about where the similarity ends.

There are two things you need to know about Broadway and the Cotswolds…..

1. It is very, very expensive, and

2. It is bloody worth it.

We arrived early afternoon to a site about a mile from the Broadway Village centre a village which is exactly what you would expect to see on a chocolate box depicting a typical “Laurie Lee” English Village.

Having arrived at the site we took the dogs across the surrounding fields to the

Village of Childswickham.

Childswickham like Broadway is a beautiful village in the Vale of Evesham which is generally a market gardening agricultural district that is identified by fields that are divided by a mixture of dry stone walls of Cotswold stone and established hedgerows.

It is understandable why the area has so many visitors and especially from overseas who have been raised on UK television programmes such as Midsomer Murders and Father Brown.

They come to see what are the traditional buildings of limestone, wattle and daub topped off with a 15th century Norman church.

Once back at the site it was wood charred pizza and hit the Proseco time

Which means of course that it was also time to wind this up for today.

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