Just Stop Talking

It used to be that the ignorant approached problems and demonstrated their own ignorance by standing on a soap box on the street corner and then appearing on the television being extremely angry and vocal working on the principle that shouting down your opponent is the way to be successful.

Usually (in fact always) the loud mouth would eventually come up against someone with the knowledge and intelligence to shoot them down.

I wonder what it is that makes some people and especially politicians (my least favourite people) believe that by constantly talking utter crap the problems will somehow miraculously be conquered.

It smacks of an attitude of lets simply talk the problem to death, we might even have to resort to forming a committee to study, evaluate and talk, talk, and talk.

Of course with the advent of “social media” the soap box has been replaced by a means of being able to talk endless utter-bullshit to millions of people.

Worse still they can constantly lie and lie with impunity.

Incidentally and as a digression someone I know (a young mother) advertised on one of the major (the) social media sites that she had a “breast pump” that she wanted to give away only to be informed by the site that it was inappropriate to use the word “breast”. 😱😱😱

This is the site that allows Donald Trump unlimited and unrestricted access ffs. 🤔🤔😂

Isn’t the reality of the world for the vast majority of mere mortals that the answer to problems are in most cases found by using our minds and sometimes simply come from the heart?

I’ve always thought that those who talk too much are (apart from looking very insecure) convinced in their own minds that by the very act of constantly talking the problems will immediately be solved.

Not for them contemplation or reflective thinking to consider what exactly the problem is and options to solve it.

Their preference is to just go ahead, speak before they know and whilst speaking fail and refuse to listen.

There is currently a great exponent of this sitting in arguably the most powerful seat of power in the world.

Or as the great Adlai Stevenson would have put it,

“He approaches every problem with an open mouth – and twitter”