Political Sceptic

I have come to realise one simple fact that for some reason appears to have passed me by and it is that is as I get older I ask a damn sight more questions than when I was younger.

Perhaps with age I have come to realise that I know less than I thought I did in the exuberance of youth (when of course we all knew everything – just ask any parent) and that is why I’m certain of fewer things and ideas.

It also means I think I’ve become less dogmatic and more open to different points of views which in turn makes me more sceptical of what I am told and especially by those who say “trust me”.

And yes I am including politicians who have unequivocally demonstrated across the world (with a few notable exceptions) over the past three decades that they are the last people whose word should be trusted.

Isn’t it sad that now that rather than being the rule when we talk about our political leaders we find that those we consider honest and trustworthy are now not only in the minority but are in fact the exception to the rule?

And incidentally why is it that those who are blatantly untrustworthy have such short memories (I don’t recall saying that) and attention spans?

As for me since I retired the lack of day to day workplace busyness has removed the excuse that I was too busy to have the time to contemplate anything else.

Perhaps in the political world that is why so many seem to have very little knowledge, (or care) about what the impact of their decisions have on ordinary people because if they did they would have to question their own innate self-serving attitudes.

As for the rest of us the only option is to continue to ask the questions, to challenge the assertions that they know best and that they have all of the evidence to support whatever they say.

In essence we should treat them with the scepticism and hold them to the same level of standards (and contempt) in which they hold us and especially when they want to send young people off to fight and die in wars of their creation.

4 thoughts on “Political Sceptic

    1. Thank you Susi, the ABC of life, Accept nothing at face value, Believe nothing at face value and Challenge everything especially if it comes from a politician and now it seems the media


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