Good For You – Farmer Giles

There is a video currently doing the rounds on YouTube and Facebook showing two men fly-tipping rubbish from a white van.

On the footage they are first of all attacked by a man who is clearly

remonstrating with them and then a farm vehicle appears that proceeds to ram the white van and turn it on its side.

Now I’m not advocating that all fly-tippers should be physically assaulted (OK perhaps I might wish it to be so) …

But…… and here’s the but…. why should those who fly-tip get away with it?

Summer is just around the corner and in this small part of the world those of us who live here enjoy beautiful countryside, the moors and the sea.

If the summer weather is anything like last year not only will the farmers have bumper crops but the tourist industry will be welcoming a bumper crop of visitors to the region.

The financial cost to the local taxpayers and other organisations such as the Woodland Trust, National Trust and the farmers to clear up after the reprobates who fly-tip and those who simply throw or leave rubbish anywhere and everywhere is enormous and that is without taking into consideration the environmental cost.

Naturally as you would expect in “broken Britain” there are some who immediately say the increase in fly-tipping is down to the closure of so many council refuse sites and the charges that are now levied on certain items.

Well to them all I can say is it isn’t the case in this area of the South West there really is no excuse because we have a number of excellently run sites.

The reality is those who fly-tip have utter contempt for others and consider only themselves with no regard for others or the environment and it is a problem that appears be getting worse.

Now before some “this is political correctness gone mad” zealot goes berserk about the charges now being levied to dispose of such things as plaster board, tyres, old gas bottles and building materials such as hardcore ask yourself are the charges excessive when you consider that it is either going to landfill or an expensive recycling process?

And don’t forget that local authorities have had their Government funding cut by over 55% in the past ten years so can they really be blamed for levying charges on individuals who have rubbish other than normal household refuge to dispose of?

(I realise that a very good argument could be put forward that whilst the local authorities complain about the cuts to their funding many of them still continue to support the Government and MP’s who voted for and implemented the very same cuts. In effect they have been compliant and complicit to the very cuts they now complain about, but that’s another story)

As far as fly-tipping is concerned there does appear to be an increase in the number of people across the British Isles who have little or no respect for the community.

Is it that society has now bred a nation that has no moral compass when it comes to the environment?

Is the increase in the amount of waste to be seen in lay-bys (even when there is a bin available) now a true reflection of what the nation has become?

Well, judging by what we are seeing and is being reported it is exactly what we have become, a nation of selfish (someone else will clean it up), unthinking and uncaring people or to put it bluntly a nation of slovenly slobs.

We own a motorhome and travel quite a bit and if there is one area that fly-tipping can be seen at its very worse it is on the roads and highways around the U.K.

It does make me wonder sometimes just how and when some of the items have been ditched at the side of the highways.

How an earth do you throw a three piece suite away on the side of a main road without being seen?

The sad thing perhaps is that the majority of fly-tipping goes unreported because it has now become so prevalent that it is something people simply no longer see or simply accept as being nothing less than a natural part of the landscape.

It isn’t actually out of sight but is out of mind.

Perhaps it is only me and the fact that I’ve managed to survive into my seventh decade but things do appear – in fact they are – getting worse over the past forty years since the Keep Britain Tidy campaign of the sixties.

Which brings me back to the video – yes gratuitous violence is not the answer – but I confess watching it made me smile and made me think “bloody hell, good for you Farmer Giles”