State of Democracy

It would appear that two things Boris Johnston, Donald Trump and Nigel Farage have in common is that firstly they are all innately lazy and secondly must have all learned at school how to “look busy”.

I suppose there are even occasions when they can make themselves appear to be exceptionally busy especially if it is to avoid commitment or heaven above carrying out anything that might be of real and positive benefit to anyone but themselves and their wealthy supporters.

This “being busy” form of motion is of course as most (but not the zealots who support them) know is simply camouflage.

It is camouflage to cover up the flip-flop natures that they display at regular intervals (and in the case of Trump daily) where they not only row-back on what they have said or done but actually deny it happened at all even though their is irrefutable and undeniable proof that it did.

The problem with all three is that they have confused “political motion” with action and as as such they confuse and present their inaction as action, their failures of accomplishment as accomplishments, their lack of commitment as commitment and do so by replacing the truth with alternative facts and in truths.

The sad thing is that even many who know it to be inherently true that they are cheats, frauds, liars and not to be trusted still will vote for them which tells us a great deal abut the state of the democracies in the United Kingdom and the USA.

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