Political Addiction -Media

Compulsion is simply a demonstrable manifestation of addiction.

How else can you explain the twitter behaviour of Donald Trump or the apparent inability of Boris Johnston and Nigel Farage to be honest and tell the truth about why they really want the U.K. to leave the European Union?

What all three have in common is they are media activity junkies (note not real meaningful work) who demand change not to improve things but simply change for the sake of change to be used to keep themselves in the media spotlight.

Can anyone really believe or are in the least bit convinced that any of them have ever been informed enough (even though the knowledge is available) to make decisions based on the information?

Of course they don’t and all three are well known in Government circles for ignoring their officials, refusing to read their briefs and for simply being lazy and the reason is very simple – to do so would take far too much of their precious media time.

Media compulsion is politically the new addiction it is an addiction however that clearly doesn’t include doing some work for the vast amount of taxpayers money they are only to happy to take.