Indispensable. I Doubt It

Sometimes individuals receive a warning sign, a tip-off that they are about to tip over into the abyss of unreality that comes with what is an impending nervous breakdown.

One such symptom is when people start to believe that their work is so important it can’t be left to others and even worse perhaps when people start to believe in their own self-importance and infallibility.

The reality is that life and work will go on whether or not those who believe they are indispensable are there or not.

Which for them is a real cause of anguish and angst because for all of their posturing their insecurities are such that they are desperate to feel needed.

You can almost hear them sobbing “It is so unfair how can they possibly operate without me?” as they descend into insanity.

Well the answer is “Usually a damn site better” so take as much time off to play golf or whatever it is you do as you want.