They built a wall to keep the hordes out

The greatest wall there is no doubt

The enemy invaded and China fell

The wall it failed as history tells

Romans came and built a wall

Across the green and pleasant land

A wall against the clans would stand

The empire would be protected

A view the Picts and Scots rejected

It seems the wall wasn’t in their plans

The Soviets built the Berlin Wall

Across the country overnight rejected

Communism at all costs would be protected

It failed of course as all walls do

Against the determined and rejected

So build new walls of fear projected

If you think it will bring protection

And as time goes by you will learn

Walls do not work against those that yearn

Yearn for freedom and from tyrants flee

Walls do not work against those who would be free

Build them long, build them high

Your wall will also fail bye and bye