Ipple-Pen Diary. Sects and Neighbourliness

One of the problems of living in a South Devon village during the long English winter is that it gives you time to think and reflect to the extent that you sometimes wake up in the depth of the night in a cold sweat.

Sometimes it is so bad that residents of Ipplepen not only don’t know where they are they don’t even know who they are.

Minds wander to asking impenetrable questions such as what is the meaning and purpose of it all and does anyone in the universe even care?

The main issue from questioning the nature of existence comes down to supper and many residents have taken the solemn vow to stop eating cheese before retiring up the stairs to Bedfordshire.

On the positive side we don’t see many Jehovah’s Witnesses in Ipplepen though given the gentle and welcoming nature of the people who live here I think Jehovah Witnesses would be confused because they’d quite probably be invited in for a cup of tea and cake.

Mind you it may well be that whoever’s door they knocked on first would feel an obligation to the rest of the village to invite them in and keep them there as long as possible – that’s what neighbourliness is all about.

And why not, is there very much difference between the views as expressed by any of the religious sects and those of those who believe in the powers of astrology, or crystals or even the tea leaves (which has become an increasing art form now that almost everyone uses tea bags).

To be fair who hasn’t read their horoscope only to be disappointed in discovering that the best they can hope for is to receive a letter his week bringing good news, being told you are going to meet someone you have never met before and that you will continue to survive and prosper providing you keep breathing.

I love how it is always good news.

Though I suppose being told you are about to break out in boils or going to be run over by a speeding runaway supermarket trolley with catastrophic results would be a little off putting to the believers.

Best to keep the bad news to a minimum.

So back to the good news, the sun is going to rise tomorrow and all of the days following so enjoy it.