“Pie Crust Promises” Contest

Pie Crust Promises

Well folks they are once again up and running, scheming and back-stabbing searching for that elusive element that will allow them to rise to the top of the political pond life.

No it isn’t Game of Thrones but something even more unbelievable, another Conservative Party leadership contest and yet again it also means that less than 0.0026% of the electorate will decide who is to be the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

So what are the candidates promising?

Many years ago as a small child, and as with all young children after doing something wrong and promising not to do it again (and then of course did), my grandmother in her exasperation used to say that it was a “pie crust promise” and having listened and watched the current crop of Conservative leadership candidates it got me wondering what it would mean today.

No one in making a pie would take the ingredients, put them through a liquidiser to form a mushy paste in which all of the colours and individual flavours were indistinguishable from one another, place it in a dish and serve it up without feeling the need to hide the contents under a  ‘pie crust’.

The advantage of course would be that you could tell the people you were dishing it up too whatever you liked about which ingredients had been used, in fact you could tell different people a completely different set of ingredients and they wouldn’t be able to disagree, which of course is exactly the dish the Conservatives have and are promising to continue serving up.

There is no doubt that the Conservative Candidtes have persuaded themselves that they are capable of running the country (don’t mention the fact that they have all been involved at the highest level for the last ten years) a stance which simply put has seen the Conservatives fail to take the difficult and worse still the correct necessary decisions needed preferring instead to take decisions that are both self-serving and in their own self-interest.

Their democratic decision-making where it exists at all lacks clarity and is kept carefully hidden under a very questionable ‘pie crust’ that is only known to whoever is speaking to the media at any specific time.

The undeniable reneging on manifesto promises by the Conservatives and lack of trustworthy leadership which has led once again to an internal “mock scoff and throw buns” bunfight within the Conservative Party is so farcical as to be beyond comprehension.

To paraphrase Lady Bracknell in The Importance of Being Earnest, “To have one Prime Minister resign through his own incompetence and weak leadership is unfortunate, to lose two smacks of gross incompetence and dereliction of duty”

The people of the United Kingdom and especially those who voted for them at the last election are surely becoming increasingly aware of the nature of Conservatives politics and have every right to ask the question,

“What have the Conservatives actually delivered and what do they actually stand for apart from themselves and their own selfish self-interest”?

People are beginning to lift and look under the ‘pie crust’ claims and promises made in Conservative literature and press releases and see the true mess that is being served up.

The problem is of course that the final two candidates will be decided by 330 Conservative MP’s and the winner by 124,000 members of the Conservative Party who will put the interests of the party before that of the nation.

I will now make what may well not be as bold a prediction as it first looks,

All of the Conservative Leadership Candidates will say that they will if elected Prime Minister by their peers and party bring the country together and unite both the Conservatives and the Nation to take it forward and restore it to its former glory.

What all of them will not mention or if asked answer honestly is why then have they constantly voted for and supported the Conservative Governments divisive and self-interest policies that have caused so much damage to so many people.

There will be talk of democracy, honesty, openness,and truthfulness with promises of economic success across the world, all of which will be a rehash of the “Pie Crust Promises” they have made before.

In other words more Conservative Promises – “Made to be Broken” and with “No Intention of Keeping Them”