Ipplepen-Pen Diary. Addiction

I’m always amazed that people who are forever advocating the benefits of this or that diet, eating meat versus vegetarianism, carbs versus protein, don’t seem so fastidious about what drugs and hence chemicals they take and put into their bodies.

It may of course be that they have come to diets late after having already taken an abundance of prescripted and unprescribed drugs early in their lives.

Oh the joy of being a teenager during the sixties, 🙂

The great thing about diets is that unlike drugs people will never have the frightening experience of not being able to get hold of any for the simple reason that a new diet it appears arrives almost daily.

Diets like drugs feed peoples dreams (usually of the utopian type) of if not a better world at least an escape from this one.

Diets and dieting as numerous research has shown can become as addictive and dangerous as drugs especially for those individuals who suffer from an addictive personality.

And then there are those – and yes I know a number of them – who are actually addicted to dieting or at least the thought of dieting who whilst they consume their third packet of crisps constantly grumble and complain that it isn’t working.

A word of advice though, don’t mention that perhaps the reason it isn’t working is that they are putting more calories in than are being used and heaven forbid you suggest that they show a little self-control over what they eat and exercise a little more to redress the balance.

You might just as well tell a heroin addict to try and recall if they actually remember the way to San Jose.